Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dark Of The Moon Soundtrack

I know I just posted about Transformers, but though this wont be all that I talk about it's currently on my mind...
So I love the soundtrack that Steve Jablonsky put together for all the Transformers movies
It's epic, fun, and right with the scene that's happening at the time it plays!

Unfortunate problem...
Walmart and K-mart both didn't have the score to Dark of the Moon!
They only had the pop/rock songs cd! oh no!
So then I go browsing the internet, just to see if I can even find a hard copy of it and Amazon doesn't even have it!!! how is this possible! Go ahead and check kinda frustrating...
Well Lucky for me itunes has them,
so I bought a blank Cd and bought some tunes and will now have a cd for my car, but come on people! I can't be the only one that likes soundtracks?!

Am I wrong? am I the only person who really likes the soundtracked score from movies?


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