Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Triathlons, movies, and sunburns...

So Beach trip was amazing! I build one amazing castle and one half aztek pyramid (building in sand is always the highlight of a beach trip for me). Had a good run on the beach, took a small nap in a tree and jumped off of a dune a number of times!
All great fun!
Then the sunburn and sore muscles in the morning felt ridiculous! I didn't want to be in the sun at all! crazy...
However today I ventured out for a bike run workout. As a few may know I am in the last bit of triathlon training...
ask me how my training has gone?
Well not well... However my biking skills have improved quite a bit since I started, and though my swimming skills are slow, I can do the distance and more if I need too...
it should be interesting what happens during the race! If anyone is interested in seeing what race i'm doing I linked it in the last sentence, so check it out!
I'm excited after today's workout because I think the bike run transition should be great! Praise God for the body that can be trained and conditioned to do this!
In other news:
Also There is a chance I'll be able to see Transformers again today at work! I know the guys I'm working with would love to see it, so it's a 80% chance! Woot, so 80% chance here I come!!
Autobots Transform and roll out!

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