Monday, November 21, 2011


I havent written on anything in awhile, and when I thought, oh I should write, I was like, well what should I write about, 42 popped into my head, which, though I'm not really thinking as broadly the answer to life universe and fish, I feel like I'm writing about random jumbles in my head, so 42 it works...
( oh and if you don't know what 42 means, well then read it )
Okay, so In my life, I'm moving! Only a couple miles from where I live now, but I'm excited alot!
Actually in all the times I've moved this will be the first time I've ever gotten to paint my own room! so exciting...
I'm switching from geico to progressive... So maybe I should say, an australian lizard to flo...:)
I really like my car... terra is her name...
I've found more doctor who fan friends, they are pretty awesome... not just because they like DW, but because they're pretty cool... :)
I understand why I haven't written in awhile... need to be in the
So that's all for now