Tuesday, December 6, 2011

So for use on facebook if you're a geek and love tagging people randomly in those fun post things

You are in a geeky (other wise known as awesome) tv series, use the 10 people from your profile to figure out which character and show you belong in:

Runs around saying 'shiny", having a penchant for "the browncoats" and tight pants:

Say's Danger danger, will robinson and get's lost alot unless it's the new one and then we have no idea: 

loses his shirt, beats a vulcan at chess, and KHANNNN!!! 

Kurt russel, serious, richard dean anderson, and  Traveling to other worlds through a puddle:

(Transforming noise, and punching megatron in the face) Freedom is the right of all sentient beings! 

Muppets and leather outfits, What the Frell!? well that's a bunch of dren...

chucks, glasses, trenchcoats, suits, scarves, and decorative vegetables and bow ties are cool...WHO? Well lets just say it's bigger on the inside:

"That's not true that's impossible" umm dad cut off your hand, really bad day right? 

in original was a guy, but then what the frack, he's a she, but at least we know the name came before the coffee shop was popular: 

Echo, sierra, though you can fight, no you aren't in the military, at least until you pick up your phone and we wipe your brain: 

Bonus points to all who guess the shows!