Saturday, June 30, 2012

Brave movie review

Disney-Pixar's new movie Brave is highly anticipated, but does it live up to anticipations?

Let's start with what I liked.
I personally don't know anyone who dislikes scottish accents... They were awesome! I loved listening to them the entire movie! Made me want to be where people speak like that all the time (which I think was part of the point, since this movie was made in part to boost tourism in scotland).

The CGI was wonderful! The sets were gorgeous, and well done. The people were well done, facial expressions, hair, and outfits were stellar. The detail that each character got was wonderful! I especially loved the horses, they looked and acted like real horses, which was nice.

The music was amazing. Patrick Doyle has shown up in a number of movies recently and I have to say I've liked everything he's done! Examples you ask? Thor, Rise of the planet of the Apes, Harry Potter GoF, and many more that I haven't seen... But I'd say brave was one of the best to date.

Now then what I didn't care for.
Pixar (mind you Disney does this all the time), doesn't normally go for the classic simple plot line. They generally go for something more creative. So I went most of the movie expecting it to have a twist that wasn't predictable, and well, it never happened...
Now without giving it away to those that haven't seen it, just think classic Disney fairy tale...
Now is this really bad? Well, I'm going with 'yes'. Why? Because I think it took away a certain amount of depth from the characters. Having to fit into the typical Disney fairy tale formula the characters just weren't as good as they could have been. I feel like Merida was a lot like Mulan, but stripped down to the personality of Ariel...
Depth of story and characters is really important in my book, but if I had kids I'd probably go and see it with them (unless I was sheltering them from witchcraft being cutesy)...
My last dislike, and this is a countercultural thing.
But I really dislike Marriages portrayed the way they did it in the movie. Now I know it's the culture's rising Feminist prose that caused this, and I think it's sad. They made the man, king Fergus, a bumbling fool when it came to talking or doing anything right in a sophisticated way. The queen Elinor, was overbearing and didn't really respect her husband. Now if the point is that, since movies (and culture) have portrayed marriage that other way around (men as the overbearing leader woman just following) then it's time to do it the wrong way the opposite direction then... ooookaay... but why? It's a fairy tale for crying out loud?! Why can't we create a marriage that is a little more desirous? One to strive for? Fairy tales should help bring out the best in us, including marriages... but maybe it's because our culture doesn't know what a good marriage is... but that's a different topic for a different time!

So Brave, would I see it in the theatre again? No... would I watch it if someone said he we're watching it at our house wanna come? Maybe... would I buy it... meh...

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