Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I know it's been out awhile and most theaters are probably letting it go this week, but...
I just saw Skyfall, and it was pretty good!
 First I have to say, I have enjoyed Daniel Craig as James Bond.
Not quite what I would have picked, but he plays it perfectly!
I love that they portray him as a character that is still kinda awesome, but you're not sure you'd ever want to be him... vs old bonds, you wanted to be. I think this is much better because, after all, he has a license to kill...

Now this movie, why is it awesome?
This movie gives James Bond relevance, for today... What was James Bond? A Cold War spy... But to have him in the current day, why? The Cold War ended... This movie explains why spies are needed...due to the bad guy being just some "guy" (well sorta, gotta watch the movie to find out more)!
I think that they did a great job of giving the series a great boost with skyfall's plotline. Now any 007 movie after this is covered for the "why", there needs to be a James Bond. So that's nice... Though to be sure, I probably would have been fine with just needing James Bond, because he's cool...

I liked the new q/m introductions... again more setting up for the future...

Also another thing that people might tell me, "ugg how can you watch James Bond? All that sex and womanizing?!" Well one of the things I like about Daniel Craigs Bond, is that you know he's doing all of that, but you don't have to watch it... It's nice.
So instead of wasting time with a sex scene, he starts into it, and then it's flashed to the next thing that's happening... SO NICE! If one wants to watch sex, it's easy to find it, if one wants to watch a movie about action and awesomeness, then the new James Bond is it, without the sex you know happens... much better idea!

All in all really nice, so if you missed it, at your theater, then get it on DVD when it comes out and watch it!

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